The Story of Mummy SOS®

Hi I’m Nanny Alex.

Well that’s what my little charges call me following nearly 7 years of nannying! But I’m also Alexandra Zetter, Managing Director of Mummy SOS Ltd.

Over the years, I have developed my company to respond to demand from the many families I have had the privilege to work with.


Starting off as a Flexible Home Childcare Company, providing Nannying and Babysitting services, we then introduced Event Childcare, with our uniquely flexible Mummy SOS® Mobile Crèche, as well as Event Nannying and Babysitting.

Then it was party time, and we began offering a range of bespoke Children’s Birthday Parties, marking our transition from Home Childcare, to Children’s Event’s and Event Childcare. 

In January, we announced the launch of latest and most exciting offering: an entire Party In A Box™. Now everyone near and far can enjoy a Mummy SOS® Party, selecting a themed Adventure™ or custom Make My Day™ complete package party box! 

But what is a Party In A Box™
We pack up everything you need for the perfect party and have it delivered right to your door! 
Just tell us: 
a) Whose party is it? Name and Gender
b) How old will they be? Age they will be on their birthday
c) How many children the party is for? Total number of children attending the party

That’s it! As simple as abc!
Visit to find out more.

Now I’ve introduced myself, please do the same! 
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