Event Nannying

Our Event Nannying service is perfect if you just need someone to look after your own children during your event, or an event you are attending with them. Knowing your children are being taken care of by a Mummy SOS Nanny, means you can relax and enjoy the event, knowing they will be too!

A Mummy SOS Nanny will take care of your little ones all day, and then even take them to bed and stay with them until you finish your celebrations, or even for the entire night if you'd prefer to spend the night alone and have a lay in the next morning!

Event Babysitting

Whether your children have spent the day with you, in our Mobile Creche or with one of our Event Nannies, there is no need to worry about where they will go once the evening comes... why not have a Mummy SOS Babysitter take them to bed and stay with them either until you return, or all night long, if you'd prefer to spend it alone! Then you can even lay in the next morning!

Wedding Nannying

Mummy SOS specialises in Wedding Childcare! Not only has Nanny Alex spent years arranging childcare for other people's weddings, she has also arranged her own! So she really understands the immense level of highly detailed planning required to ensure the day runs smoothly with your little ones! And the best part, she'll do all that planning for you, so you don't have to worry about a thing!

Our uniquely flexible services mean that you can have your wedding day, exactly as you want it! Perhaps your little one is going to be involved in the ceremony, but it doesn't quite fit with his usual daily routine. A Mummy SOS Nanny will ensure he is in the right place, at the right time, in the right outfit, whilst taking care of all necessary naps, feeds and nappy changes throughout the day! 

In order to make sure your child is completely comfortable with their designated Wedding Nanny before the big day, we carry out a number of play sessions in the run up to the event. So despite the excitement of the event, your child will feel calm and confident in the care of their nanny, able to happily participate in and enjoy this special day with you.


For more information on this unique service please contact us to discuss your individual requirements and plan the best way for you and your little ones to best enjoy your big day.