Just wanted to thank you for doing an amazing job with my children, you were really wonderful and they were very at ease with you. I’m so grateful as it made me relax on my wedding evening.
— Mr and Mrs Pepe, Bucks

Inviting children?

There are so many decisions to make when you're planning a wedding, and we know that a difficult one is oftern whether or not to invite children? 

Well we have an easy answer for you! A Mummy SOS Mobile Creche.

Choosing to have a Mummy SOS Mobile Crèche at your event solves the problem of whether or not children should attend. With reliable childcare at the event, hosts will not have to worry about disruptions, guests will not have to worry about distractions, and children will not have to worry about having fun!

Our carefully selected team of practitioners deliver on-site childcare in a separate area from the main event, with a range of toys and activities to occupy the children throughout.

 We provide a professional service, run by qualified childcare practitioners.

 We provide a bespoke service, individually tailored to each specific event.

 We provide a reliable service, including planning and resources.

For more information on this unique service, please contact us to request a Mummy SOS Mobile Creche Information Pack.



Have children of your own?

We know there is nothing more important than making sure that your children will be well taken care of on your special day. But by who? You will be busy getting married, all your family will likely be involved in the ceremony! We have the answer for you. A Mummy SOS Wedding Nanny of course. Having a designated Wedding Nanny to look after your children throughout the day and night, will mean that you and your relatives can relax and enjoy your special day, knowing you children are being well taken care off. 

For more information on this unique service please contact us to discuss your individual requirements and plan the best way for you and your little ones to best enjoy your big day.