As a new mum you quickly realise how different life is with a baby. You watch the rest of the world going off to work and having adult conversations and you are at home all day and sometimes don’t leave the house. While it is important to rest (especially at the beginning) it is also important to get regular gentle exercise and fresh air. All experts agree that walking in the fresh air has significant benefits for your health and mental well-being.
When I became a mum, I had to really work hard to make myself have a shower before lunchtime let alone leave the house and sometimes I didn’t manage it. My daughter would be sitting there in her new clothes and I’d still be in my ratty pyjamas.
Now my daughter is a year old and I’m working most mornings. We still have lazy days, but I feel so much better and more energised when I get up, get dressed and have a walk. When I saw an article in the local paper recently about the Ready, Steady Mums walking group in Hoddesdon (my old home town) it brought back how I was in the beginning. They set up the group to support new mums (all mums) with their health and well-being, meeting at the local park and just walking I hated the isolation and don’t want other mums to feel the way I did.
With the help of Alex at Mummy SOS we are setting up our own local group meeting every two weeks. We will be meeting at Norfolk Road playing fields at 10.30 every other Thursday starting on 11th October and going for a walk. Pets and children of all ages are welcome, but our special guests will be you, the mums who made it outside!
It is also our hope that mums (and dads – you are welcome too!) who are new to Buntingford come and join us. We will try to vary the routes to show new mums around Buntingford and you can also make some new friends and if you want to walk for 20 minutes then get a coffee or walk for an hour or even jog with your buggy that’s ok, we are glad you came!